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Industrial, Heavy Industrial and Mining

Electrical Maintenance


We specialize in solving problems for clients. This starts at preventive maintenance strategies and runs all the way through to emergency breakdowns. 

We assist to develop strategies to reduce downtime including:

  • Preventative maintenance schedules

  • Setup replacement schedules

  • Setup critical spares list​

  • Critical backup power testing including Load testing and generator maintenance schedules

  • Electrical compliance schedules including RCD, Testing and Tagging and Emergency lighting

We assist to execute preventative maintenance to reduce downtime including:

  • Thermographic monitoring and reports

  • Hazardous areas inspections and compliance

  • RCD testing, Testing and tagging and emergency lighting 

  • Back up of control systems software including VSD drives and PLC programs and data


We provide support when equipment breaks or faults occur including:

  • Electrical breakdown support 24/7

  • Replacement of motors and control contactors

  • Replacement of faulty control equipment

  • Faultfinding and testing 


We endeavor to embed electricians with our clients to ensure they understand the site specific installation and can efficiently attend to problems and faults as they arise.

Electrical Maintenance Experience

Our Combined maintenance experience includes:

  • Electrical maintenance and callout for Grain handling and processing facilities

  • Electrical onsite maintenance Iron Ore processing plants

  • Electrical maintenance for non process infrastructure including de-watering, Maintenance workshops and site offices  

  • Electrical maintenance Camp and accommodation facilities

  • Electrical maintenance for general businesses in the manufacturing and construction industries across Perth


Within our team we have the skillset to delver.

Who we work with

Grain handling and processing businesses 

Electrical and controls installations at grain handling and processing businesses is an important part of our business. All of our technicians have now had exposure to the intricacies associate with the process controls associated with the process. This enables them to efficiently fault find in the case of breakdowns or callouts. It also enables us to efficiently execute electrical maintenance strategies.


Mining and Oil and Gas companies

Our electricians can be found on sites and in workshops around WA servicing our mining and O&G clients. Our day to day maintenance works include HA inspections, generator testing and maintenance, testing and tagging and a planed preventative maintained assistance.

Local Perth Business owners/operators

We assist to maintain facilities and equipment for local Perth business owners. This includes those that are in manufacturing, constructions and a swarth of other industries. We complete day to day activities such as testing and tagging all the way through to generator inspection and maintenance for these clients. 

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