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Thermographic Testing - Save Money & Reduce Risk

Updated: Feb 9

Thermography, Thermographic Testing or Thermographic Survey is a risk mitigation strategy that allows visualization of risks that can cause critical damage to a business and pose an unacceptable risk to personnel.

Why is thermographic testing required

The two main causes of heating risk in installations are Poor installation methods and natural wear and tear.

Poor installation methods such as under or overtightened connections, under rated equipment or incorrect fitment creates high resistance points in the distribution system.

Over time deterioration of Electrical components as connections, joints and contacts also produce high resistance points.

The end result of any increases in resistance in the system is a subsequent increase in temperature. If left, further deterioration occurs, resulting in possible equipment failure, fire and even explosions.

How is a Thermographic Survey completed

Utilizing a thermographic camera and arc flash rated PPE, an electrical technician will carry out the thermographic scan. The technician will capture all electrical equipment within the enclosure and provide any additional focal scans of equipment or infrastructure that may be creating thermal risk point.

This data is then recorded and stored on the clients file and collated into a report providing comprehensive details of all the items surveyed, highlighting faults and advising on the most effective solution.

What are the benefits of Thermographic testing to a business

Carrying out regular Thermographic surveys provides an opportunity for businesses to identify issues before they escalate resulting in catastrophic failure and should form part of any programmed maintenance strategy. Doing so will help to avoid down time from unexpected component failure.

A survey report will also demonstrate that as a business you are taking positive action to ensure that your electrical infrastructure is of a reasonable condition and that regular maintenance is being undertaken. Insurance providers may also offer discounts to customers who regularly conduct maintenance on electrical systems and incorporate thermographic testing.

If you need more information or would like to book in a Thermographic Survey please call: 0408 930 151 or email

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